"We Were Here First!"

The Native Amazonians

Natives No Longer Dominant?

The Native Amazonians, of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, believe that the land of the Amazon Rainforest is theirs. The history of the natives goes all the way back to 12,000 years ago, when they started living there. The natives have always used the land of the Amazon to hunt, fish, and grow crops on a small patch of land that was cleared for a home. The land that they use has a way of replenishing itself, so the presence of the natives has no negative effects on the rainforest. The other groups of people in the rainforest aren't quite as thoughtful for the environment though. Loggers are some of the most destructive people in the Amazon, and they are ruining the Native Amazonians' homes. Environmentalists are also disturbing the life of the natives by observing their lifestyle and taking pictures of them. The settlers to the Amazon are stealing their land, and their life! The cattle ranchers and rubber tappers also find it necessary to take the Native Amazonians' land. With all these groups claiming land for their own, there is hardly any room left for the Native Amazonians! Does this mean that the natives are no longer dominant?

Here For A Reason

The Native Amazonians Tell Why the Land of the Amazon Should be Theirs

Life for the Native Amazonians was good, until the 1960's when the Brazilian government made some changes. The government in Brazil decided to start developing in the Amazon. Many people moved in with the natives, causing the native's population to decrease. This is unfair to the Native Amazonians because the land should obviously be theirs. They grew up there, it is their home. Take the settlers for example. They came into the rainforest and expected the natives to be perfectly fine with them taking their land. That seems pretty unfair, as it is their home. There is more to it than just claiming land rights, the natives don't hurt anything. They just clear very limited amounts of land so they can grow crops, hunt, fish, etc. on it. The other groups that are locating themselves in the Amazon are harmful to our earth, something that is more important than money. The Native Amazonians are still fighting for their land, and what is right. Native group leader, Davi Kopenawa, was quoted saying "I want to live where I really belong, my own land." The Native Amazonians believe that the land of the Amazon Rainforest is theirs, and they are there for a reason.

About The Native Conservation Association

Who are we? We are a group destined and determined to stick up for what is right in the Amazon Rainforest. We believe that the Amazonians deserve their land, and it is our desire to get that for them. We appreciate your support and welcome new members to the NCA.

--The Native Conservation Association Staff