Spotted Eagle Rays

Emma Hatley

Description & Behavior

  • Grows to at least 16 ft in length and 10 ft in width and has a mass of 507 lbs.
  • They spend much of their time swimming in open waters, generally in schools close to the surface
  • Has a long snout, flat and rounded like a duck's bill, and a thick head.
  • It's jaws are usually a single row of flat, V shaped teeth.
  • They have numerous white spots and a long whip-like tail.

World Population & Habitat

  • Found in warm and temperate waters worldwide.
  • Commonly seen in bays and reefs.
  • They sometimes enter estuaries.


  • bivalves, crabs, whelks, benthic infauna.
  • mollusks, crustaceans, particularly malacostracans.
  • hermit crabs, shrimp, octopi, and some small fish.

Conservation Status

  • Included in the IUNC's Red List as "near threatened".
  • Caught mostly in Southeast Asia and Africa.
  • There have been many efforts to protect this species.


  • Make pursues female
  • Mating process lasts 30-60 seconds
  • Eggs hatch internally
  • Female gives birth to a maximum of 4 pups
  • Rays mature after 4 to 6 years