Don't Look Now

by Michelle Gagnon

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Book Review by Meghan Hayes

Imagine barely escaping from people who were doing lab test on you not knowing what they did to you or who they are, but you do know that they might have other teens like you who got captured as well. Do you forget about them or do you risk you life to try to save theirs and catch the people who took you in the process?

Don't Look Now is about a group of teenagers who live on the street that all have one thing in common; Project Persephone. They were all kidnapped by Project Persephone people and woke up on a table with a IV in their arms and no memory of what happened. Then once some of them escaped they created a alliance together to try to save any other teenagers captured and stop Project Persephone. Noa Torson is one of these victims and one of the main characters in this story. In fact she is one of the people who started the alliance but Noa is different than all the other victims. When Noa was captured she was given an extra thymus gland which makes her have weird side affects; and for some reason Project Persephone is hunting down her and her friends because of it. Another big character in Don't Look Now is Peter Gregory. He is a top notch hacker who helps Noa hack into the Project Persephone data bases and tells her where their keeping other teens and what their plans are. They are both trying to save all the captured teens while trying to find out why Project Persephone is capturing them in the first place.

Don't Look Now is a very good book. I could relate to Noa because she is a very strong and determined person. She doesn't like to give up when she is given a challenge ad i don't either. My favorite parts of this book was when Noa and her team raided Project Persephone's warehouses where they were keeping the captured teens and saved them. I think my least favorite part was when Noa trusted someone to keep her and her team safe and they turned their back on her and as a result something bad happened to her and her team.

If you like suspense, action, mystery, and geniuses I recomend this book for you! This book in my opinion is very good for teens and people who are just looking for a good book!

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