Mrs. Manis' Mentionings

Fun in First Grade

Mrs. Manis is back!

I am back from maternity leave and our class is back in the swing of things. My baby was born December 26th and is a perfect little girl named Landry. Thank you for all of the well wishes and gifts. Mr. Manis and I truly feel like my students are family and love how interested they are in Baby Landry.

The last nine weeks

We are entering the last nine weeks of the school year, which means our students are almost second graders! This time with them has gone by so fast. We will be focusing on improving both math and reading fluency and wrapping up our standards-based curriculum to prepare them for second grade. Make sure to work with your students on their sight words (if you need a new list, let me know), as well as addition and subtraction facts.

STEM- Hamster Habitats

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is a great way to get students designing, creating and thinking on their feet. This week, we created hamster habitats to meet the basic needs of hamsters. Watch the video below to see some of their creative answers!
STEM Hamster Habitats