Can't Get there from here

jayla crowder

story elements paragraph

This book i present. the main issue in this story is about these teens who are homeless and how one teen seem to survive while her homeless friends are dead or went back to where they beloong

Character Analysis

the main character is jesse. Three words to describe the main character are caring, dependent, and denial. The character is motivated by getting a better life for herself and her homeless friends with her. To be honest i like the main character because she will be completely honest with you and she's smart and even though she on the streets she knows what the right thing to do and what isn't. The relationship between jesse and rainbow is close they are like sister and jesse is like the the oldest always protecting rainbow from bad things.


I think the theme is you have to be grateful for what you got including family and helping someone can have a bigger effect on that person than you think. one example that supports the theme is when Anthony helped Jesse and tears find her grandparents and gave them a place to sleep,a shower, and food. Another example is, when that social worker took Jesse to the youth home for food and shelter to keep her off the streets. A third example from the book is, when rainbow and Jesse was at the library in the bathroom washing up then bobby the security came in with another security and told them to clean up there mess still clothless and told the security to leave but the security stood up for them so they wouldn't have to be clothless the whole time because bobby was looking at them in a weird way could have raped them. Finally the last example that supports the theme is, Anthony going out of his way to drop tears off to go home and let Jesse finally get to see the ocean in New jersey


No, i can not relate to this novel, because I've never been homeless for a long period of time and in know my mom would not choose a men over me. Also, i know people car about us like the time when my house got on fire my grandmother let us stay with her until we found a new place which was just for a month.