6th Grade At Home Learning

Week of March 30 - April 5

Weekly Welcome Message from Mrs. Benson!

6th Grade Week 2 Welcome Video

Office Hours for Teachers

Click below for a schedule of when teachers are available for office hours. During office hours, teachers can tutor students, read assignments aloud, provide clarification of assignments, or just check in with students. Any teacher can help any student. You do not need to wait for your teacher's office hours for help. This can be done using Google Voice numbers, as well as video chats via Google Hangouts Meet. Codes for Google Hangouts Meet are in the link below as well.
Updated Office Hours for Teachers

This link has been updated since last week.

Assignments: Week of March 30-April 5

All assignments this week are concepts previously taught, and should be a review for your student. ELAR and Math will be on MobyMax, Science and Social Studies are on Google Classroom. Below is a SUGGESTED daily activity calendar. We understand that students may have different needs and availability, so this is just one suggestion for how to break up the assigned lessons for the week. Students are not required to follow this suggested activity calendar. All assignments are due by Sunday, April 5th.

***If you see Ms. Nichols for Math or Reading, please scroll down to find assignments from her for math and reading. You will also need to complete the Science and Social Studies work shown below.

***If you see Mrs. Goodwin for Gifted and Talented, keep scrolling down for your additonal GT assignment!

6th Grade Math Assignments

Students will be completing assignments to review converting between fractions, decimals, and percents. You will find your assignments on MobyMax. Please see below for a video from Mrs. Benson and some helpful anchor charts.
6th Grade Week 2 Math Instruction
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6th Grade ELAR

Students will be completing assignments from MobyMax reviewing context clues and text evidence. See the videos and anchor charts from Mrs. Ford and Ms. Nichols below!
Ms. Nichols Context Clues Review video
Mrs. Ford Personal Narrative Week of March 30

6th Grade Science Assignments

Students will be doing a research assignment on the planets. You will find your assignment on Google Classroom. See a video below from Mrs. Ramsey!
week 2 science ramsey

6th Grade Social Studies Assignments

You will be researching Russia this week. Please go to Google Classroom to find your assignments and view the video below from Mrs. Calhoun.
6th Grade Social Studies Week 2 Instructions

Ms. Nichols Students ONLY!

Ms. Nichols' Reading

You will be doing a MobyMax assignment on Context Clues. Watch the video below from Ms. Nichols for a review!
Ms. Nichols Context Clues Review video

Ms. Nichols Math

This week you will be reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping on MobyMax. See the helpful videos and anchor charts from Ms. Nichols below!
Ms. Nichols Adding with Regrouping Review video
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Ms. Nichols Subtraction with regrouping review video
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Mrs. Goodwin's GT Assignment-FOR GT STUDENTS ONLY!

You will pick one of the three STEM challenges, complete the challenge, and answer the questions for your chosen challenge. Take a picture of your project and attach to a new slide. Create a short video to explain your struggles.

Click this link for more info: https://tinyurl.com/rfxr6pq

Click here for optional Boredom Buster ideas!

Engaging and creative ideas to keep having fun while learning!

Accelerated Reader (AR)

You can now access AR from home! This is an OPTIONAL resource that you may use. https://global-zone50.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/224643
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Follow the instructions below to use Google Hangouts Meet

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BISD Lunch Pickup Locations!

All BISD students are encouraged to pick up a free lunch and breakfast during At Home Learning, regardless of family income.
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