shyla kelsey 2 & 3

Development of theme

Freak and Max both have hard lives because the have disabilities, but when they become friends their lives are easier because they both have that in common. Freak helps max by teaching him things like how to read and Max helps Freak and carries him around. They both stand up for each other. Max says "I never had a brain until Freak came along" (page 1) Because freak helped him learn

Reflection and application of theme

Having good friends does make life easier because if you don't have friends its like you don't have anyone to talk to. I think the author developed the theme well because he made it clear that both of their lives were influenced. In our day alot of kids are getting bullied because they are different. They need friends to stick up for them

Freak the mighty by Rodman Philbrook

The book is about to 8th graders, Freak (Kevin) and Max. They help each other over come their disabilities and stand up for each other. Freak is crippled and Max has a learning disability. Freak teaches max how to read and other things. Max helps freaks by carrying him around and helping him get around.