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March Update

What I'm Doing to Combat COVID-19 in Technology

So far there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 involving a NYC public school educator or student, but I am doing everything in my power to continue to keep our school community safe. In technology, laptops are being cleaned with disinfecting wipes daily as well as door knobs and desks. Students get a squirt of hand sanitizer upon entering my class and before leaving. I have also engaged in age appropriate discussions about the virus and the importance of proper hand washing, how to properly cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing and keeping hands away from the face. I've also created a web-quest that 4th grade students will engage in this and next week. The purpose is to raise awareness of how we can keep ourselves safe -- particularly in school.

Hi Q300 Families,

February came and went without an update but I assure you students have been busy at work!

Kindergarten and first graders are continuing their computer science journey with MicroWorlds Jr. They now know what an animation is (an optical illusion created by images that are slightly different from each other) and have added them to their projects. First graders are learning how to create a maze game!

Second graders have begun Scratch. They are finishing up a name project where they were challenged to come up with unknown facts about them and animate the letters of their name.

Third and fourth graders finished a water project (see some pictures below) and are now creating a scratch project teaching about an inspirational woman of their choice. I've curated a list of projects made by other Scratchers around the world and we're analyzing what makes a good scratch project.

Check out the class blog for some student work samples. More will be updated soon!