World War 1

By: Bren McKay

Most Important Events

  1. Germany Invades Belgium- August 3rd, 1914- The Schlieffen Plan, Germany had to go through Belgium so they could invade France.
  2. Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand - June 23rd, 1914- Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip. Which set off the powder keg of Europe. Serbian had Archduke and his wife gunned down.
  3. Austrian-Hungarian Empire Declares war on Serbia- July 28th, 1914- This happened after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Austrian-Hungarian Empire declared what was expected to be the short war on Serbia.
  4. The First Battle of the Marne- September 25, 1914- The Allies stopped Germany from the invasion of Paris. They used radios intercepts and automotive transport of troops.
  5. Battle of the Tannenberg- August 23, 1914- Germans defeated the Russians army when they were on the way to invade Germany.
  6. Zimmerman Telegram- February 25, 1917- When the British intelligence gave Wilson ( the Zimmerman Telegram, which is a message from Germany foreign Secretary, Arthur Zimmerman.
  7. U.S. Enters War- April 6, 1917- Congress authorize declaration war against Germany. Then, The United States entered World War 1.
  8. Battle of St. Mihiel- September 12, 1918- When the Battle first began, with 300,000 American troops, directed command General Pershing. They went to the German Lines.
  9. Wilhelm Abdicates- November 9, 1918- Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates, which ended all German hope to victory. Wilhelm and his troops slipped over, into the Netherlands. Where he lived in peace.
  10. Chateau-Thierry- June 3, 1918- Americans attacked the Germans at Chateaus-Thierry, which made the Battle Of Belleau Wood larger.

Major Battles

  1. Battle of Verdun- 1916- An engagement of World War 1, which was a ten-month long ordeal between the French and German armies. The battle was successful, German took the offensive on the western front.
  2. Battle of the Marne- 1914-1918 - September 4, 1914- German army through Belgium and northern France which caused the French to panic and rush from Paris.
  3. Battle of Ypres- 1914, 1915, 1917 - There were three battles that were fought around the Ypres salient during the War. One of them was attempted by BEF.

Random Facts

  • Tanks had Genders- Male tank had cannons attached. Female carried Machine guns.
  • Women's skin turned yellow- They suffered from toxic jaundice.
  • Dr. Doolittle was created- Made by Hugh Lofting aversion when he was writing to his children about the true horror stories about the war and trench life.
  • Youngest authenticated combatant serve was only 12- Woodrow Wilson was sworn in, declaring war on Germany.