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Apps for secondary education!

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Animoto is a Web 2.0 tool that I have already assessed, so using it in app form is obviously something I would choose. Animoto is an app that takes pictures from your mobile device, and turns them into a short video of about 12 images. Students can then choose music and a background to complement the video. Narration, captions, and introductions are available for users, so this tool becomes more than a simple slideshow of pictures.

For education, Animoto can be used as an assessment tool. By using the narration tool, students can explain the pictures that they have chosen, and demonstrate their knowledge aesthetically. Creativity isn't often acknowledged in secondary, so using this app for assessment could allow students to shine in this area. Sharing is extremely easy, so family, peers, and the teacher can all access the Animoto after completion.

Teachers can also use Animoto in place of presentations. As mentioned on teachweb2, "Animoto could be used as the alternative narrative method literally without using lots of language in your literary classroom" (n.d.) Using images could be successful for ESL students, and students who are hearing impaired. In order to utilize UDL properly, teachers must be able to convey content in more ways than one.

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Audible is an iTunes app that allows the users to listen to books on the go. It is a free app with many features like: chapter navigation, bookmarking, variable narration speed, and button-free mode.

As a teacher, I would use this app to help students who have trouble reading, such as ESL, and vision impaired students. Because of the wide range of books available, this app could be a very important tool in an english class with diverse learners.

"Immerse yourself in a great story anytime, anywhere, by downloading from a breathtaking range of 150,000+ titles to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad—from best sellers to classics, and everything in-between" (iTunes, 2014).


Mobl21 is an "award-winning, mobile learning application that supports a dynamic, unstructured way of learning" (2014). Mobl21 is a perfect example of mLearning at work. This app allows teachers to create learning material, and share this material with their students. Teachers can create study guides, flashcards, quizzes, and more with the app, allowing for asynchronous learning for students. Mobl21 is accessible through almost any device, which allows for diverse learning.

Teachers could obviously use Mobl21 as a combination of a learning management system, and mLearning. By creating learning tools that can be used anytime, a teacher could obviously use Mobl21 to blend their classroom. By giving students different options, the teacher can address each students' needs better. And because the app can be used on even a desktop, this app allows for students to use it public libraries, which breaks down the digital divide.

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Wordpress is a free blogging website that "is ideal for bloggers at all levels of experience, provided they're willing to invest a little time upfront to learn the ins and outs of the system" (Duffy, 2011). The website is highly customizable, and has a professional layout that high school students can utilize.

As we have used Wordpress in this class, the website can be used as a reflective discussion location. Students can use Wordpress to make their own posts, and they can respond to their peers. Many 21st century learners will have experience with making their own posts, such as Tumblr or Twitter, but Wordpress allows for the scholarly version of these posts to be encouraged. Teachers and others can access blogs openly, and this allows for the sharing of students' ideas and experiences. Talk about an easy parent-teacher interview idea.

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Wunderlist is an app that allows users to create to-do lists, that can be planned, collaborated, shared, and accessed on any device. Wunderlist utilizes reminders, due dates, notifications, and more in order to prevent missed events.

Wunderlist is the first app I have chosen that can be used for teachers and students for the same purpose. As a pre-service, I know how both educators and the educated can become stressed when there is a seemingly impossible number of things to do. Wunderlist can work to allow users to access their upcoming events in an orderly fashion. Notifications can save students from missing assignments, and will assist with their time management skills. This app will also assist students who have issues with organizing their thoughts and plans.


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