Cotton candy (imagery poem)

Cotton candy,colorful sweet,
yellow, pink, blue and more

sugary, melty, fluffy cloud.

You're at the fair

at the counter

getting cotton candy

sugary sweet

melting in your mouth.

On a stick

a yummy

sweet treat.

A tasty treat

fluffy cotton

messy, soft

colorful cotton candy!

Saturday ( similes and metaphors)

My horse in named Scooter

he is shiney and glimmery

when he is all tacked up

he is fancy.

With his decorated show saddle

sparkley as a new diamond.

Scooters tack has blue and white diamonds.

Scooter is now looking pretty spiffy.

He is prompt and ready to go,

he is a dart, moving swiftly

around the barrels

Scooter accelerates acrosss the finish line.

The weird day for me! (personifcation)

The fire dances one the tree tops.

Moon, tells the sun what to do.

The sea dreams of the morning listens.

At night,stars reminds us to sleep.

Sky, looks at the stones.

The mountain follows the rain and, it's gone forever!!!!!

A dog on a farm ( couplet)

I am a dog,

in the fog.

I bog down in the sea,

I also see a bee.

My barn is worth a darn,

I love my barn and farm.

Alice and the fish (limerick)

There was and old lady named Alice.

She lived in a great big palace.

She cooked so many fish,

she served so many on a dish

serving so much fish to the family caused a great big callus.

Polka dots (haiku)

Colorful circles.

Enormous or even small

different colors

Polka dots.

A cool day! ( alliteration)

Prize winning principals.

Postpone the party

Because positive pigs

plunged in the pool.

Perfect performance

with pencils and pens

as they peck at the pastries.