Causes of WWI

Four main causes that led to a world wide war!


During the years leading up to world war I, nationalism was sweeping across Europe. Nationalism is pride in one's own country. This spirit of nationalism resulted with countries being more concered with their own interests than with those of Europe all together. Also, certain ethnic groups within existing countries wanted to establish their own independence.


Many countries adopted a policy of militarism to protect their self interests. Militarism is the process by which a nation builds up its military might for the purpose of intimidating and deterring other countries. During this period, France, Germany, Russia, and Austrie-Hungary practiced militarism.


To even further protect themselves other than militarism, countries formed Alliances. Alliances are agreements between nations to help eavh other in the event of war. If one country in an alliance is attacked, then the other countries in the alliance would also consider themselves under attack. This is one of the prime reasons WWI started, because an attack on one nation could drag several countries into war. By doing this it would create a domino effect. By 1914, there was almost no nation in Europe that could becaome involved in military conflict without the whole entire continent being pulled in it.

Archduke Francis Ferdinand

Archduke Francis Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and was visiting the province of Bosnia. There was a nationalist group in Bosnia at this time called the, "black hand". Many of the members from this group believed that Bosnia belonged to Serbia, not Austris-Hungary. While the Archduke was in Bosnia, one of the nationalist assassinated him. Austria-Hungary accused Serbia of planning the assassination and threatened to go to war.

Allies & Central Powers

Since Europe had so many alliances, Europe was divided and at war. The allies were, Great Britain, France, and Russia. The allies were also known as the Triple Entente. Against the allies were the Central Powers. The Central Powers were Germany, and Austria-Hungary.