Woodrow Wilson

The President we need!

The goals Wilson WILL achieve

  • Lowering of tariffs, which would then be used for revenue only,not to protect industry
  • More stringent antitrust laws
  • Introduction of income tax
  • Direct election of United States senators
  • Strict federal regulations for railway, express, telephone, and telegraph companies
  • Safeguarding of rights of organized labor
  • Industrial, agricultural, and a vocational education

Get to know the next President

The hardworking, ambitious and determined Wilson, the man who is going to advance society, was born on December 28, 1856 in Staunton,Virginia. Staunton didn't offer many public schools leaving Wilson's father his main educator. The lack of knowledge Wilson missed out because of no proper education made it a necessary platform for his campaign. He grew up with a weak eyesight and slight dyslexia making his educational needs even harder to achieve but despite this set back Wilson was able to push through and become an intelligent man that this nation desperately needs. He helped organize the Presbyterian Church of the Confederate States of America, in which he became a leader. In 1910 he was asked by the Democrat Party if he would like to be Governor of New Jersey, he gladly accepted and during his time Wilson called for a public utility commission empowered to set rates and supported passage of a workers' compensation law to aid the families of workers killed or injured on the job. By 1911, Wilson had caught the eye of the nation's progressive leaders, including William Jennings Bryan, the leading figure of the Democratic Party.

Specific issues that will be addressed

  • The increase in tariffs
  • Long work days & not enough pay
  • Unions are being neglected
  • Government needs to protect workers rights
Ex: People with disabilities deserve compensation
  • Foreign affairs in Latin America
  • The corruption within the Government
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