Civil War battles

By: Luke Gorman

Fort Sumter

On April 11th 1861, General P.G.T Beauregard demanded fort Sumter to surrender. Fort Sumter did non surrender and was willing to fight. Then the Confederates opened fired on the base. The shooting continued for 34 hours. After a long time the troops at Fort Sumter ran out of supplies. This made them have to surrender and lose the fort.

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Antietam was the single bloodiest day in the American Military. General Lee put his entire force into this battle to try to over power the Union. The Confederates fought a long battle and both sides had many deaths. But the Union outnumbered them. They also over powered them, the Confederates did not have a vary big chance. The Confederates lost this battle and it hurt them.

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The Confederates where on the move. They secretly moved to Vicksburg Mississippi. This was to try to suppress attack the Union and over power them. They had an extreme advantage by kicking the union while they where down and weak. This lead to success and victory. They made the Commander John C. Pemberton surrender. This showed that the Confederates had strategy and good power which gained them support.

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This was a major battle. General Lee of the Confederates wanted to threaten northern cities, weaken the north’s appetite for war, and win a major battle on northern land. The confederates surrounded the Union and had a good vision on the army. They where moving in and taking control of the war. But the Union still had good positions where they could still put up a fight. Eventually the Confederates closed in and won the battle after a total of 51,000 soldiers where killed on both sides. Four moths later, President Lincoln read his Gettysburg address about the soldiers in the war.

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Sherman's March to Sea

Sherman led his army from Atlanta to the ocean. The journey was a 285 mile march from Atlanta to Savanna. It was a devastating march and he destroyed everything in his path. He also killed anyone who wanted to fight him or tried to stop him. This march took 36 days. At the end of the 36th day he captured the Savanna port.

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Fort Fisher

The Union moved in with their navy to try to win a battle. They fought them and over powered them. Also they outsmarted them. They eventually made the Confederates surrender. This battle opened passageways. It opened a path for the union to get an advantage and have a better chance to win. There was only one southern sea port after this battle.

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Appomattox Court House

The Union infantry went to battle. The Union outnumbered the Confederates by a lot and they had a much bigger advantage. The Union won the battle. The confederates who where led by General Lee, surrendered here. They lost the battle and had to rebuild from their loss. They had a long and difficult road toward reunification.

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