Jose Limón Dance Foundation

Founded in 1946 by Jose Limón & Doris Humphrey

Come attend the most advanced modern workshops in New York.

Philosophy of the technique: Jose Limón took inspiration and his philosophy from Doris Humphrey's contribution of movements. Known as the 'fall and recover' theory, dance was thought of as an arc between the body lying prone or standing firmly erect. Both had stability and lacked theatrical excitement. This symbolized the eternal conflict between longing for one's security and desire to risk the dangers of the unknown. With Humphrey's choreography, Jose always took dangerous risks and succeeded with them.

About the company:

The Jose Limón company is an original modern company. Also contemporary

Located in New York

Dancers: Kathryn Alter, Raphaël Boumaïla, Durell R. Comedy, Roxane D’Orléans Juste (Associate Artistic Director), Elise Drew Leon, Daniel Fetecua Soto, Kristen Foote,Ross Katen, Logan Frances Kruger, Brenna Monroe-Cook, Dante Puleio, Francisco Ruvalcaba, Aaron Selissen (13 dancers in all)

Artistic Directors (Choreographers) : Carla Maxwell, Roxane D'Orléans Juste (Associate Artistic Director)

Famous Pieces of Jose Limón (Repertoire)

A leading company in the Modern Dance World:

Jose Limón was a renowned choreographer and he received two Dance Magazine Awards and a Capezio Dance Award, two very high honors in the dance world. Jose Limón also served as artistic director of the Lincoln Center's American Dance Theater and even taught choreography at the Juilliard School for a long time.

Watch the “Limon promotional Video”

Limon promotional Video

Watch the incredible piece, "The Moor's Pavane"

Jose Limon in "The Moor's Pavane"