Long Short Week!

Thanks for hanging in there with me this week with all of my correction emails and dates! It felt like the longest short week this week! Sometimes I think the smallest tweak in the kiddos routine just changes everything.

I sent you two emails earlier today with screencast books. One book is the one in their folder today, the other is one they can just read along to.

I also sent you the link for the sign up for conferences. I have seen a few of you have signed up already!


This week I sent home your childs community helper journals. I thought they did a great job writing nonfiction information using our organizers. That is a hard concept to grasp for a kindergartener. You can see that I made notes on using fingers spaces, or not forgetting to use an upper case letter. We are now executing them to write about 3 sentences on a topic so pay attention to how your childs writing looks.

This week we wrote some narrative stories and tried to use the beginning, middle and end while writing. This helps us to add details. We wrote about a time our pet got into trouble, or a time that we did. These were fantastic!


We finished up addition this week. The kids did a great job adding two groups and coating them all together. We took our test today on this topic. We will be moving into taking away groups of numbers next week!


This week Mrs. Nix came in and we talked about respect. We talked about what respect is and ways we can show it. We discussed respect at home, school, to others and our belongings.

Sight Words

The kids enjoyed playing an online game called POPCORN words. The monkey would say the sight word and the kids would pick the popcorn that had the word on it. That was a big hit!

Animal Print

Today we had a great turnout for our fundraiser. The kids bought in money to help cover the medical costs for one of our very own Castlio students who has been at Children's Hospital for several weeks, with many more weeks to come. Thanks so much for participating. It's great to teach our kids empathy and how to give back!
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Field Trip

Friday, Jan. 30th, 9am

516 South Kirkwood Road

St. Louis, MO

Don't forget to pack your child a lunch next Friday as we will be going to the Magic House for a fun day of learning. All students have paid and our volunteers are ready! Cant't wait!