Edenrose Staff Meeting

Monday October 22nd, 2018

‘Each LEARNER is CURIOUS, COMPETENT able to take an ACTIVE ROLE in their own learning’-Peel E.M.L. belief statement

We are on the traditional territory of the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation

Big picture

Community Circle-In Grade Level Teams

‘The ONE idea that will best empower the modern learners in my classroom?'

Empowering Modern Learner- How do we Support our Modern Learner?

Numeracy Prompt-Moderate and Create Grade level Anchors/Exemplars

The following are some guidelines when you are moderating

-there should be no names on them

-bring a High, Medium & Low

-think about the criteria that you will be using to assess (some of your grade level teams may have already discussed this---does something need to be added or removed?)

-at the end of the moderation you will have created exemplars/anchors of what a level 4, 3, 2, 1 look like

-you will be able to take that criteria and use that for the rest of your student work

-you will be able to take the exemplars/anchors of what a level 4, 3, 2, 1 and share with your students and this will be great for giving feedback as well.

-consider the next steps for your level 1, 2,3 students

Please hand in a Class list with how the students in your class performed to Anjali by Monday October 29th, 2018.

Need to know information:


-Social Committee

-Report Card Timelines

-Pumpkin Carving Challenge/ Character Awards for November

-Student Census

-Bomb Threat Protocol

-Outdoor Education Proposal

Take Away-

Pick one item from the bitly for the November staff meeting where staff will dive into one of the EML Resource Website: bit.ly/EMLresources

School-Wide Theories of Actions

Literacy: If we focus on developing learning goals and success criteria in order for learning to be more visible, then students will be better able to communicate their thinking and learning in different ways.

Numeracy: If we develop rich three-part lesson plans with clear learning goals, success criteria and a focus on consolidation, then students will be more engaged and likely to persevere and be able to communicate thinking and learning in different ways.

Climate for Learning & Working:

· If we engage in creating culturally responsive tasks in order to connect with student experiences, schema, and narratives, then students will be able to make better connections to text and will be more engaged with the learning.

· If we put into action a restorative mindset (i.e. community circles) when supporting students who make mistakes, then a caring climate to support a healthy school community will be created.

Mental Health: If we promote school wide mental wellness and healthy living, then we will proactively support staff, students and families within our community.

Edenrose Administration Theory of Action: If we empower, engage and build capacity within the school’s professional learning community (staff, students, parents) then this will create a positive climate for learning and working and a focus on teaching and a focus on teaching and learning.