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Week of October 19, 2015

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Make positive communication home for each of our students!

Colt Champions



7th CMS C vs Coppell West Middle - L 37-6

7th CMS B vs Coppell West Middle - W 19-6

7th CMS A vs Coppell West Middle - W 39-20

8th CMS B vs Coppell West Middle - W 35-6

8th CMS A vs Coppell West Middle - W 19-0

Boy's Athletic Newsletter

Teacher Update and To Do List:

Jeans and orange on Unity Day on October 21:

This is the National Bullying Prevention Center's program. We can send one large ORANGE message of support, hope, and unity to show that we are united against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Please get the word out as we want everyone to participate. Take pictures and send them to for this event as well.

Update from the District Excellence Committee (DEC):

GCISD has formed a Facility Innovation and Readiness Stakeholder Team (FIRST) to study and prioritize ways to create the best possible learning environment for GCISD students. This facility planning team comprised of parents, community constituents, and campus and district staff will be brought together to consider the district’s financial position and strategic plan as it relates to programs for students, facilities, infrastructure, technology, security, etc. This is all being done in preparation for a future bond election.

Follow their progress at There is a button on the entitled "Let's Talk" that allows you a place to add your thoughts.

To Do:

1. Call parents of failing students. Personal contact is a must and is the first thing you

need to do. Once initial contact is established, talk to the parents about how they prefer to be contacted. Email will be fine after initial contact.

2. Double-check your paperwork on all of your students. Do you have everything you need? How do you know if someone is 504, Special Education, or has a health impairment? Do the following:

In Skyward>Teacher Access>My Classes>Class Options

This will print a roster of your students with alert information. Crosscheck it with the information you have in your folders. If you are missing something, then notify the appropriate people: Sophia Martin – Health; Jeannie Guajardo – Special Education; Angela Stock – 504s.

3. Complete your FLEX classes.

4. Complete and share your PLP with your appraiser.

5. October 9: Have you done TELPAS training at any time in the past? The Texas Training Center website is going down forever after October 16. In order to prove you have taken classes in the past, you must retrieve records and certificates before the Training Center goes down.

7. Key Inventory Form. If you haven't yet completed the key inventory form, please do so this week.

Do you need information on DMAC and iStation? Login to School Wires and go to the link below that will lead you to the Assessment and Accountability page. There are a lot of good “how to’s” here.

Digital Citizenship Week

Mark your calendars for Digital Citizenship Week from October 19-23. While digital citizenship is embedded in our work with students any time we are using technology in the classroom, this week will provide additional focus on the subject.

Hour of Code

GCISD will participate in's Hour of Code for the 3rd year! Mark your calendars for December 7-11 and choose 1 hour to teach coding. If you want to register early, use this link -

This Week During Advisory

PLC Schedule

Monday- Social Studies

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- ELA

Friday- FARTOS

New to DMAC!

Lead4Ward is now active for us in DMAC. This will allow you to make custom heat maps. Below is a link to instructions.

AVID Update

October WICOR Strategy of the Month

Math- Quick Write

ELA- Cornell Way

Science- Levels of Questioning

SS- Graphic Organizer/Thinking Map

Electives- Marking the Text

Note from the Nurse

Want to get CPR or First Aid Certified?

Amy Howard, Director of Health Services and our own GCISD Nurse Guru, is training any staff that is interested in becoming CPR and First Aid Certified. This certification is a bonus for your students and coworkers and for your own personal activities and needs(coaches, scout leaders, church group leaders)! These classes are being offered for FREE!

Here are the following dates:


October 19th

5pm to 8pm

Bronco Bowl (PDEC)


October 20th

5pm to 8pm

Bronco Bowl (PDEC)


Upcoming Events of the Week

Monday, October 19th

FLEX deadline

Tuesday, October 20th

CMS Group Pictures (Clubs & Electives)

Wednesday, October 21st

CEC Meeting - 3:45-5:00

Band - Fall Concert

Thursday, October 22nd

Volleyball vs Dawson Middle School at Dawson

7th B Team - 5 pm

8th C Team - 5 pm

7th A Team - 6 pm

8th C Team - 6 pm

7th B Team - 7 pm

8th A Team - 7 pm

Friday, October 23rd

3 Cheers!

3 Cheers to Lamb, Woolley, Richey, Huster, Spaeny, Stateler, and Jackson for getting the teacher feedback forms filled out and back to me. You all are awesome!

Sarah Eichberger

3 Cheers to Salena for helping cover a couple of mornings of my duty next week. I appreciate you!

Sarah Eichberger

3 Cheers to Christina Moy for taking the math club afternoon meeting from me so I could relax for the day.

Joe Morgan

3 Cheers to the math team for all their tireless efforts on data gathering for RTI.

Joe Morgan

3 Cheers to Salena Smith for her encouragement to our students to read. Her checkout numbers show the success of her efforts.

Deborah Morgan

3 Cheers to Kris Lilley for covering my cafeteria duty on Wednesday

I love how everyone is so helpful!!!

Karen Boyse

3 Cheers to Joe Morgan for always checking to see if I need anything. Thank you so much!

Kim Mills

3 Cheers to Shannon Jackson for always answering any question that I have on a daily basis.

Kim Mills

3 Cheers to the administration for aiding in the growth of our drama department.

Kristy Lilley

3 Cheers to Travis Niemeyer for the boxes.

Kristy Lilley

3 Cheers to Kelly Croak for helping me with orders, deposits, and procedure.

Kristy Lilley

3 Cheers to Jessica Talbott for always time to help me.

Kristy Lilley

3 Cheers to Jeannie Guajardo, Angela Stock, Amy Edgell, Tammy Hicks, Sue Plorin, Jessica Talbott, Ryan Martin, Travis Neimeyer, Beverly Sweatt, Jennifer Foster, Katie Adams, Krystal McCure -- Thank you all for helping the Life Skills students. It takes an army.

Katie Chapa

3 Cheers to Suzanne Barker for the Unsweet Tea on Friday ;)

Katie Chapa

3 Cheers to Jackie Baker for fixing our technology issues so quickly.

Katie Chapa

3 Cheers to Salena for covering my 7th period last week so I could go to my doctors appointment.

Jessica Gonzalez

3 Cheers to Miranda and Aaron for covering my classes on Wednesday so I could give a presentation at the Grapevine Rotary meeting.

Jessica Gonzalez

3 Cheers to Pat, Lauren S., Beverly for sharing card stock with me.

Jessica Gonzalez

3 Cheers to Amy N. for providing me with helpful insight on an issue.

Jessica Gonzalez

3 Cheers to all who helped with Judy Drury's retirement party. It went very well, thank you...

Sue Plorin

3 Cheers to Angela for taking the time to read all PSAT directions, then making corrected copies for us so that our day went smoothly.

Sue Plorin

3 Cheers to all of us!! We made it through the 1st 9 weeks and we have great group of people who care about our kids, and who strive to help them all succeed.

Sue Plorin

3 Cheers to all who helped with Judy Drury's retirement party. It went very well, thank you...

Sue Plorin

3 Cheers to Valerie Kreag, Sherry David, Chris Laney, and Katie Chapa for allowing me to inconvenience them next week with Hearing and Vision Screening during their class times! I appreciate you all!

Sophia Martin

3 Cheers to Mr Morgan and Mrs.Thompson for showing me how to put test in google forms which saves so much time on grading!

Shannon Jackson

3 Cheers to Mrs. Hurst for her help in the classroom and for bringing me a mini cupcake last week.

Shannon Jackson

3 Cheers to Mr. Martin for all the jeans days this month.

Shannon Jackson

3 Cheers to Travis, Angela and Suzanne for lunch on Thursday!

Ryan Martin

3 Cheers to Shari Vanderwork for the card and gift card on Friday!

Ryan Martin

3 Cheers to all the front office staff for the funny card and the cake!

Ryan Martin

3 Cheers to Becky Irick for filling in at dance last Friday!

Laurie Thompson

3 Cheers to Carol Ruckle for printing off my sub notes when I was sick on Wednesday!

Laurie Thompson

3 Cheers to Christina Moy for quickly placing a note on my door to inform students of a schedule change during my illness Wednesday.

Laurie Thompson

3 cheers to Coach Parker and Coach Haseman for bringing their classes to the CLC. The learning was great.

Salena Smith

3 cheers to Mrs. Richmond for bringing in her YAL class they were prepared to find their books.

Salena Smith

3 cheers to Sue Plorin for getting together everything for the party.

Salena Smith

3 cheers to Max for being willing to get a robotic group formed.

Salena Smith

3 cheers to Travis for his thoughtful note about our teacher-led sessions on Monday. It was a really nice gesture.

Aaron Woolley

3 cheers to Lauren Smith for her servant-leadership during PLC and PLT times this week even when she’s “under the weather”.

Aaron Woolley

3 cheers to Coach Fee for covering my class and help my students prepare for their Test by being a BINGO caller.

Jeremie Parker

3 cheers to all the teachers who taught a lesson on Monday. It was a very helpful training day.

Christina Moy

3 cheers to the Math Department, Joe Morgan and Angela Stock for their help collaborating on RTI information.

Christina Moy

3 cheers to Jessica Talbott for volunteering to take my afternoon duty. You are appreciated!!

Christina Moy

3 cheers to Angela for her smooth and meticulous planning for the PSAT.

Christina Moy

3 cheers to Ryan Martin for his help with SLI.

Christina Moy

3 cheers to Carol Ruckle for calling to find subs for me.

Christina Moy

3 cheers to the Girl Coaching staff for hosting the PDL tournament on Oct 17th and covering all the duties.

Kim Haley

3 cheers to Kelly Richey for working the gate for the PDL tournament.

Kim Haley

Quote of the Week

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

Principal Points

Thank you to all of you for lighting fires! I truly appreciate all that each of you do. Great job of completing the first 9 weeks.

Thank you for all your hard work and for being strong yet flexible teammates for our students!



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