Spanish American War

by Tori wills

Coming the war

On February 15, 1898, an explosion ripped through the American battleship Maine, anchored in Havana harbor, sinking the ship and killing 260 sailors. Americans responded with outrage, assuming that Spain, which controlled Cuba as a colony, had sunk the ship. By April, 1898, the slogan "Remember the Maine" carried the U.S. into war with Spain. In the midst of the hysteria, few Americans paid much attention to the report issued two weeks before the U.S. entry into the war by a Court of Inquiry appointed by President McKinley.

The report stated that the committee could not definitively assign blame to Spain for the sinking of the Maine. Most historians have focused on the role of sensationalist newspapers in fomenting public support for U.S. entry into war with Spain, and perhaps even causing it by deliberately misleading the American public about the Maine explosion.

There were several causes of the Spanish-American War. Cubans were in revolt against Spain, wanting to declare their independence. Many Americans supported their efforts. Newspapers in America favored American intervention in Cuba. This was known as "the Yellow Press." William Randolph Hearst's papers led the way. Reporters were sent to Cuba and their reports often were transformed into horror stories about crimes against

battles of the war


may 1 the battles of malaya bay

may 11th was the battle of cientugoes

may 12th was the admericial william t samson

may 3 battle of cocandas

what went wrong and what went right

what went wrong-was understaffed under equipped and un trained

What went right- they signed a peace treaty clamed stause as global power

destroyed the sqadrons

how did the american win the war

with two major navel battles