the HEARTBEAT of Felting

12-13 / 15-16 June, 2014 - Martien van Zuilen

two interesting workshops 'Treasure Nests and 'Jewelry Adorned' with feltmaker and anthropologist Martien van Zuilen from Australia. Her experiences in feltmaking and study in anthropology will inspire you to make your own works.

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12-13 June 2014 Treasure Nests (in Peize)

Learn how to create refined vessels while exploring the textural surface possibilities of handmade 3-D felt. Class includes technical felt sculpting techniques using wool and novelty fibers, while we also explore felt-specific techniques for surface design and texture. This includes multiple ways of colour blending, pattern inlay, shading, using ‘unusual’ fibers, applying simple stitch and mixed media. Discover the possibilities through individual projects, creative adventures and serious fun!

14-15-(16) June Jewelry Adorned (in Rotterdam)

Discover the possibilities of felting on a precious scale! Learn a variety of innovative techniques to make uniquely shaped jewelry items, including ingenious beads (Scrunch, Spike, Fangs, ColorCuts). Incorporate wire, or make hand-felted cords in minutes; then transform them into one-of-a-kind Pendants, Brooches, Necklaces and more, more, more.... Anything is possible! A hands-on workshop with lots of 'play time', and inspiration to boot! All levels of experience welcome.

This is a minimum 2 days class (more advanced works in wearable sculpture will be created in a 2+ days class including using multiple resists, tubing and foam wire, and a variety of other materials).

about the artist

Martien van Zuilen first encountered hand-made felt in 1985 and was immediately captivated by the creative possibilities of the medium and the tactile nature of making. Since 1989 she has taught felt-making workshops at all levels of experience throughout Australia, as well as in Europe (Russia, UK, Holland), and throughout the USA. Martien is the founder of the Victorian Feltmakers Inc. and the coordinator of the Australian National Yurt Project. Her artwork has appeared in a number of international publications, including Showcase 500 Art Necklaces (2013), Yurts Tipis and Benders (2001), Felt/Filt, Felt Matters, Fiber Art Now, FELT, verFilzt Und zugeNäht nr 41 (1/14), and Textile Fibre Forum.

Martien’s research of ethnographic felts and her time amongst nomadic people in Mongolia in 1997 proved pivotal to subsequent directions in her art and other professional interests. In educational terms, she holds an Associate Diploma in Art Textiles and an Honours degree (US Masters) in Anthropology. In 2013 she completed her Anthropology PhD titled 'Through the eye of a needle: Ethnographic engagements with textile creative practice and the meaning of making in contemporary Australia'.

Although born in Holland in 1962, Martien has called Australia home for the last 28 years. She currently lives in Perth. Her website is


All workshops are being taught in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, warm dishes, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

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