Barrack Obama

He Got Your Back


Barack Obama is a candidate, running for president. Along side is his partner, a vice president candidate, Joe Biden. Obama has several goals for this nation but one of his main goals is Jobs & The Economy like creating jobs and reducing the number of unemployed citizens in the U.S. If reelected, one way he will try to proceed with this plan is he will help large factories and small businesses double maybe even triple their exports to other places. By doing this, just alone this plan will estimate to create about a milion jobs in manufacturing over the next four years. President Obama will try to create jobs for the people of the middle class. Since January 2010 about 479,000 jobs in the field of manufacturing has been successfully created. Im sure that if he is reelected, jobs will prosper, in all fields of occupations.

Duties of a President

Obama has the requirements it takes to be president. He is 51 years old and was born in Hawaii which counts as a citizen of the United States. The president has to serve a four year term, he must be at least 35 years old a 14 year old resident of the U.S. and a native born U.S. citizen. Some of the duties the president has responsibility of is, he has the power to approve or "veto" laws, makes treaties with other foreign governments, nominates judges to the supreme court, appoints cabinet members and is commander in chief of the United States military forces. But especially he is the chief of the Executive Branch.