By Vivian Webster

Once an Athenian, always an Athenian

We have the smarts! Even though Sparta has the army, we have the knowledge to make more advanced weapons to kick Spart's butt! In our government, every citizen can be a part of it! No matter how much money you have. In our economy, we trade for different items from different city states to make our citizens and animals feel at home. But the bad part is that we don't treat women as citizens. But for slaves, we make them at home!



1. We do a lot of learning!

2. We create many temples to worship the gods/goddesses

3.Our boys go to school, while girls stay at home to help with the mother.

4. We LOVE olive oil. We use if for many different uses

5. We have many animals in our city state. We have sheep, cows, and pigs.

6.Thousands of people from all over the world come to Athens for the agora and trading.

7.We welcome everyone into our government. Except women.

8. Women are not equal citizens but slaves are allowed to vote, marry, and have children.


Don''t mess with us.