Week in a Peek

Ms. Cindy, Ms. Heather, Ms. Cathy

Shapes Everywhere!

The last few weeks we have been exploring shapes in our classroom. We started off by looking at the book, "Perfect Square" and deconstructing a square to make art projects of our own. We then moved on to the book "The Dot" and making pictures with dots- a little experiment with pointillism! We also read, "10 Black Dots" and practiced 1-1 correspondence and counting to 10. Next, we taped large shapes on our floor and looked for classroom objects that matched the given shapes- you might notice some of our findings on a table in the hallway! We are currently in the process of taking pictures of shapes around Grace to make our own shape picture book.

Coming Up

Thanksgiving Break- Nov. 27-29th

Breakfast with Santa- Dec. 7th

Winter Break- Care Available 23rd, 27th, 30th, 2nd, 3rd

Shape Observations

When we are learning and discovering things in our classroom, we ask a lot of open ended questions. This helps to deepen the children's understanding and go beyond surface knowledge and basic recall. For shape identification, we asked the children to tell us, "How do you know?" At first, this was very difficult! They would say, "Because it's a square shape." We discussed that squares have 4 sides, as do rectangles.... so how do you know which is which?? We soon discovered that squares have sides that are all the same, while rectangles have two short sides and two long sides. Next week we will be posing another difficult question... if it has three sides, is it always a triangle? Stay tuned to hear what we find out :)

Home to school connection

Throughout the next week, play eye spy with your child to locate shapes. Ask them to point out shapes around your house or while you are out and about- if you are really adventurous you could make your own shape book of shapes around your house! Throughout next week, feel free to bring in objects from home that are different shapes to add to our growing shape museum. Be sure to ask the important question- "How do you know?" Make them prove it!