The False Princess

By: Eilis O'Neal


My book is called "The False Princess" by Eilis O'Neal, it was about a girl named Sinda. Sinda was the princess of the kingdom of Thorvaldor. One day, her parents told her that the real princess was hidden away because of a prophecy made by an oracle, and she was only a replacement of the princess to trick the world until her sixteenth birthday. Sinda left unwillingly when the true princess, Orianne, arrived. She went to her only living relative-- aunt Varil. Varil was a dyer in a poor town, also a woman with odd tempers. Soon Sinda realized why Varil treated her the way she did and the story of her deceased parents. While Sinda went through different conflicts and emotions in the small town, she discovered that she possessed magic like her mom. So, Sinda went back to the capital hoping to get into the wizard's college, but found another master wizard named Philantha who realized the great amount of magic in store of Sinda and was willing to teach her how to control it. One day, Sinda went to the palace to retrieve something for Philantha and accidentally saw someone renewing a spell on Orianne, she realized that Orianne was not the real princess either. Who was the mysterious person who had been planning this all along, and where was the real princess? Read the book to find out.

Main Character

The main character in my book was Sinda. She was quiet and shy, also brave and determined. Her perseverance helped her to solve the main conflict in the end.


There were four settings in the book, the palace, Treb, the oracle's temple, and Saremarch. In the palace, Sinda found out who she really was. In Treb, she realized that she possessed magic. She went to the oracle's temple and discovered Melaina's plan, then she went to Saremarch to search for the real princess.


If you try hard enough, you will succeed.


I think "The False Princess" is a really good book. Its plot and characters are very interesting. It's a book worth reading and you will never want to put it down.