The Basics Of Digital Literacy

An Infographic For Seniors

What Is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that can manipulate information or data. Computers have the ability to store, process, and retrieve data based on given instructions.

What are the Main Hardware Components of a Computer?

  • The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brains of a computer
  • The Motherboard is the main circuit board and includes a CPU memory and input/ouput connectors
  • The main memory of the computer which stores data
  • A hard disk drive that stores and retrieves data from discs you insert into your computer

Examples of Softwares On Computers

  • Softwares are programs that can be downloaded on computers.
  • Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint (office softwares)
  • AVG Antivirus, McAfee, Avast (antivirus softwares)
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox (web browser softwares)
  • ITunes, Audacity, Media Monkey (video and audio softwares

ROM/RAM Of Computers

  • ROM stands for read only memory which only allows you to read the memory

  • RAM stands for random access memory which allows you to access the computer memory randomly
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Firewalls help prevent hackers or a suspicious software from affecting your computer in any way, shape, or form.


A peripheral device connects to a computer system to add functionality but is not part of the computer system itself.

Examples/Types of Peripherals

Types of Peripherals

  • Input Devices: For example mouse, keyboard
  • Output Devices: For example monitor, printer
  • Storage Devices: For example hard drive, flash drive

Peripheral devices can be external or internal.

External: For example a printer that you can connect using a cable
Internal: For example an optical disc drive that is located in the computer case