Preventing Terrorist Attacks

Rose Campbell

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The Issue/Problem

Ever since 9/11 us citizens have been scared of Terrorist attacks especially since there has been several in the past few years. With the election coming up, citizens are expecting the presidential candidates to have a plan to prevent terrorism.

Why is it controversial

Since there have been more and more attacks occurring, US citizens want to feel safe and want a good plan to stop these attacks. There are many different ideas for which they will try and prevent terrorist attacks.
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Donald Trump and The Republics Plan

Trump wants to let no Muslims into the US and wants to ban all Muslims from the US until he understands why terrorist attacks keep occurring. Most Republics agree with Trump and think it would be best to deport all Muslims.
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Hillary Clinton and The Democratics Plan

Hillary does not agree with Trump. Her plan is to get a stricter screening process for those entering the US and would like to defeat groups like Isis in war. Democrats don't just want to prevent terrorism in the US but they want to prevent it world wide. They also want to modernize their military which is a priority.

Stein and Johnsons thoughts on the Issue

Stein wants to fight against terrorism and end their war in the Middle East which is happening because od 9/11. Johnson similarly thinks that if we are attacked we should fight back instead of waiting.

Organizations trying to fix and hurt the issue

Fix the Issue:

  • OAS
  • Counter Terrorism committee
  • UN Global Counter-Terrorism strategy
Hurt the Issue:

  • Isis

My Stance

I think they should not ban all Muslims from the US because not every Muslim is a Terrorist so they don't deserve to be deported. I think, kind of like Clinton,they should do better security checks on people and before allowing them into the US should have a better screening process.