Lillian Sims

Photographer in the Making

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Lillian Sims is seventeen years old. Her birthday is on December 17 1997. She is very creative and very studious in anything she does. Lillian likes to take care for others, do puzzles, dance, sing, watch movies and loves the style of vintage. She really enjoys taking pictures of nature and people, that’s why she is planning on being a photographer when she grows up and getting her education in photography at University of North Texas. She has two older sisters, one older brother, one niece and soon a nephew. Lillian attends Houston Academy for International Studies (HAIS) Early College High School (ECHS) in Houston, Texas.

Lillian is great at what she does for her family and friends. Even though Lillian does not currently have a job that pays her, she works very hard at school and takes care of her niece as if she was getting paid. Also Lillian has applied to jobs but unfortunately has not gotten any luck of actually being hired but then again school is the most important thing to Lillian right now.

Lillian's accomplishments includes mvp volleyball medal, commended profromance on standerized test in third through fifthgrade, solo and ensemble awards and perfect attendence medals. For college, Lillian is planning on earning scholarships to at least cover a year in college. To sum everything up, Lillian Sims is a perfect candidate for anything and anyone will be lucky to have her at their work place or school.

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