Cyber Bullying

By Michael and Thomas

What is it?

The use of electronic communication to bully a person, by typing a threatening or insulting message.

Why is it an issue?

Because it can seriously have a destructive effect on someones personal health. It can lead to depression and even self harm.

stats about cyber bullying

>Around half of teens have been victims of cyber bullying.

>Only 1 in 10 teens tell their parents they are being cyber bullied.

>Girls are more likely than boys to be involved in cyber bullying.

>Victims are more likely to have low self esteem.

Who is at most risk?

Teenagers, because they are always on social media online.

How can we prevent it?

>Always report if you see cyber bulling.

>Never get involved in cyber bulling.

>Always tell someone if your being bullied.

What support is out there?

>Websites online.

>Family members and friends.


How to be Cyber safe

>Don't get involved with it.

>Tell someone if you get a rude message.

>Only talk to people you know.