Ryan Wilkoff

Although not regal, the New England Patriots are considered a _____________ in football for all of the recent championships they have won in succession.
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n. 1. A succession of rulers from the same family group or line

2. A succession of influential people linked by familial, political, social, or cultural association.

Greek Roots and Other Forms

dunamis- power

dunasthai- to be able, to have strength

dynastic, adj

dynastical, adj

Which one is not a Dynasty?

Choose the synonym of Dynasty

a) empire

b) succession

c) royal

d) imperial



Which one is not a dynasty?

The Harrisons are not because they did not rule in succesion

Choose the synonym

b) succession

-Although there is not direct synonym succession works best because the other choices refer to a single regime at one time and not a progression.