Anne Any Day Now!

Life is about to change in more ways than one

Radiant Parents

As this dad and this mom wait for this Anne Marie Tate to come out of the bat cave and into the light, we are working on the light, making sure it's ready. We want everything to be perfect. But, of course, things won't be perfect. So we'll at least make things as bright as possible. We're working on our spirituality with the kids, each other, and within ourselves. That way, WE will be ready for her. She'll be coming into the physical world and its physical light. In the same way, simultaneously, Anne will be entering the spiritual light of her family. The spiritual light of Christ includes love, joy, purpose, value, direction, purification, strength, functionality, inspiration, structure, and I'll stop at peace that surpasses all understanding. That's what we desire to shine through us and from us, onto our precious baby girl. Bethany and I feel like we're both in a very special place in our lives right now. The days are counting down while the prayers are adding up. Our children too have active prayer lives. Family Bible studies are something the kids are used to as well. We are firm in our faith. Not unrelated, we both have no doubt this is the happiest we've ever been. So hurry up, Anne, we've got everything set and ready for you.

What Can You Do??

I'm glad you asked...

Please pray for Anne and our family. Come visit us. And when she's born, come see her. Admission to see the most wonderful Anne Marie Tate in the world costs only one diaper change for a limited time only. Free kisses. Not responsible for any sponteneous tears of joy.