Does having a warm winter and a warm but not hot summer sound fun? Then visiting or moving to Kathmandu, Nepal will be fun for you. While you read this i hope i make Kathmandu sound even more awesome. I hope you like the mountains too.


Kathmandu, Nepal's absolute location is 27ºf , 85ºw. Its relative location is Southwest of Tibet, Northeast of India, and West of Bhutan.

Place & Region

The rainfall is 7.8 inches to 14.7 inches. The weather in the summer is 67ºf to 81º f. The weather in the winter its 36ºf to 68ºf. In Kathmandu, Nepal they don't speak much languages. They only speak Nepalese, Newari, and Maithali. The zone is Bagmati zone. The literacy rate is 98% high. The HDI is 0.710 high and the HPI is 25.8 low.

Fun Facts

The population of Kathmandu don't handshake they "namaste" which translated means "i salute the God in you". Touching anything with your feet is considered offensive. The 2 triangles on the flag represents the himalayan mountains and 2 major religions- Hinduism and Buddhism. Kathmandu, Nepal is surrounded by 4 major mountains- Shivapuri, Phulchoki, Nagarjun, and Chanddragiri.

Human/inviorment interations

There was and earthquake in 2015 that killed 8,000 people and it injured more than 21,000. The elevation is 4,593'. Also the pollution level is very high. Highlight citizenship is a major issue to be addressed as part of the maximize political, economic and social paticipation rather than create unnecessary divides.


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