Change St. Louis Buildings Today!

Better and more efficient buildings means more money!!

Improve the environment with better buildings.

We can build new skyscrapers and and modify pre-existing buildings to lessen our carbon footprint. The 21st century technology is a newer way forward in saving the environment. In order to change the rest of the world, we must start here in St. Louis.

Some innovations that buildings will have

  1. Solar panels on every building producing 12 megawatts of electricity
  2. Water purification tanks to reuse up to 70% of water wasted
  3. Water collection system to supply the other 30%
  4. Very large sets of windows to let in light and fulfill up to 80% of the light used in the buildings.
  5. A centralized area for sorting waste into a more in depth
  6. Geothermic wells for heating water and rooms

These are some buildings that we gained inspiration from.

Remember: More green buildings means more green in your pocket!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost? This would cost thousands in installation fees. But, the savings you will receive will easily pay off of the price.

Why should I care? You should care because you might disappear from the face the Earth if you don't.

Just exactly how much green am I getting? You will save hundreds of dollars every month and receive some tax exemptions from the Federal Government.

The New City Planners Engineering Group LLC.