Earth Day

Serve: Maor Dery, Tal Yehezkel, Liav Eliya

Earth day activities examples:

1) Help students learn about the potential of solar energy as they bake Solar Smores in the sun.

2) Raise awareness about cutting down trees as each one in your class will not use paper.

3) Every school in the country pick one class and they Planting trees in the school yard.

The activities take place in 192 countries around the world.

Students and governments take part in earth day events.

This activities helped to earth because its the way we save are resources and make the world better.

Importent fact about the video

*On the sixties people started to realize that there is a problem but there was no awareness.

On 1969 an oil spill occurred in Santa Barbara California gave Gaylord Nelson an idea.

One day in the year (22 April) people all over the world take part in "Earth day events".

On this day childrens and adults made awareness and take part of a lot of activities to preserve our planet.

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One activity to do in Israel

We choose the smores activity because children love smores and they will be happy to know a new special way to make them and on the way they can preserve the environment.

Earth Day 2015 flair

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Earth Day: Give Earth a Hand