Special Agent

By: Trey Stith

Schooling Requirement

Candidates for this job must obtain a 4 year college degree to qualify for the job. They also must be within the ages of 23 and 37.

Training Required

You will have to complete the police academy and on-the-job training in order to become a criminal investigator. As well as a background check and physical to see if you are in good enough shape to become one.


The average salary for a detective in the U.S. is $79,870 annually. Hourly detectives get payed $38.40.

Duties and Tasks

Tasks and duties include investigating crime scenes, making detailed reports, maintaining surveillance of individuals, and analyzing crime scenes.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for Special agents in the U.S. are, there will be 2830 opening between now and 2024.

This is a good and bad thing. This means there will be a lot of special agents lost out of the force due to retirement. But it is a good thing because there will be plenty of openings by the time I'm old enough to enlist.

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The knowledge needed in this occupation are, the knowledge of laws and government, public safety and security, customer and personal services, English language, and the principles and rules of being a special agent. You must know all of these like the back of your hand.
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Skills That Killz

The skills that killz needed are, critical thinking, active listening, complex problem solving, social perceptiveness, and fluid speaking of the English language. If you lack in any of these areas good luck in becoming a special agent.
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Work Conditions

The work conditions in this environment are very neat and organized. You will be working on reports at your desk on a computer a lot of the time. But from time to time you will be called out to help the police forces with issues. You must constantly be looking at surveillance and paying attention in your work office.

Also the work conditions require a lot of hands on work. So if you want to sit down all day an not do anything, this isn't for you.

ReLaTeD oCuPaTiOnS

1. First line supervisors of police and detectives

2. Fire investigators.

3. Police detectives.

4. Police patrol officers.

5. Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs

Dream Job......... But why?

Being a special agent is my dream job because you get to be interactive all day. You don't just have to be a normal citizen in a cubicle. You are allowed authority and get to be held to a higher standard. As well as you get to help people in need or in trouble. This is my dream job because you will never be suspected by citizens of being of a higher standard. But inside you will always know that you are.

P.S. Criminal Minds might or might not have influenced my dream job. :)

interesting FACTOIDS

1. Did you know the FBI's most wanted list debuted in 1950?

2. The person with the longest time of being on the top ten most wanted is 27 years and counting!

3. The person that lasted the shortest time on the list, only lasted 2 hours.

4. Only 8 women have appeared on this list.

5 Did you know there are special agents around you when you would least expect it?

6 Osama Bin Laden was on the list for almost a year after his death, isn't that strange?


1. Handcuffs

2. Handgun

3. Laptop and Notebook

4. Surveillance

5. Two Way Radio

6. Data Base User Interface Software

7. Electronic Email Software

8. Photo Imaging Software

9. Map Creation Software

10. Word Processing Software