Nazareth Protestant Community

December 4, 2014

We don't have to watch the news for long to see that there's a lot of darkness in this world: tensions between nations, the trafficking of human beings, racial divisions, the loss of human life in tragic and at times unjust situations. Yup. There's a lot of darkness out there.

The yearly tradition of lighting Advent candles in honor of the major themes surrounding our anticipation of the coming Savior, one by one, seek to shine a light into the darkness of this world. Last week, churches around the world lit the candle of hope. It makes sense that the first one is hope. Hope is where it all begins: hope for a better tomorrow, hope for light to drive out the darkness, hope for a coming Savior and kingdom that will reverse the pain and injustice of this world.

What is bringing you hope right now? If you are bogged down by the darkness of this world and the stress of finals, I challenge you to take just a minute to breathe deeply, and consider where you find hope. And how you can be another light shining in the darkness.

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it." John 1:5


Clairvaux Service Retreat

You are invited to spend your spring break with fellow Naz students along with children and families who have been affected by homelessness. We will take the week to work with Deep Roots and the people they serve as we learn more about poverty and homelessness and the ways in which we can make a true difference. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve and to explore the intersection of spirituality and social justice, then we hope you will consider joining us in March!

"Deep Roots works with children and their families, who are disconnected through homelessness or other similar marginalization: connecting hearts. Our program will challenge children to envision a brighter future, to sustain healthy relationships and to navigate a course towards personal and social responsibility through better life experiences, with mentors, providing healthy life-models for all future relationships."

Contact Nadia Mullin at for more information.

Applications are available from Nadia or Ruth on the 1st floor of GAC.

Sponsored by the Center for Spirituality

Protestant Worship Christmas Party

Sunday, Dec. 7th, 8:30pm

Linehan Chapel and Community Room

Join us for an evening of Christmas carols, food, and some Bible study as we celebrate (a little early) the coming of Christ!

All are welcome!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

December 7th is our last day of Protestant Worship for the semester!

We will resume our weekly services again in January! Have a great winter break!

An Opportunity for Prayer

Sacred Space is a website that leads you through daily reflection and prayer. It is written and hosted by the Irish Jesuits and offers Scripture and guided prayer for each day. Check it out!

Naz Christian Fellowship! See you next semester!

Throughout the semester there are multiple opportunities to explore your faith. If you're looking for Bible Study, fellowship, music, food, and more, NCF is the place to be! Contact Kelsey Sweet if you'd like more information!

NCF has concluded for this semester. Check back here for next semester's schedule after the new year!

Local Church Connections

If you are interested in attending worship at a local church and don't know where to start, contact Nadia!

Get to Know The Community

Every week during service we ask those in attendance to sign in. This allows us to make sure that everyone can receive this wonderful newsletter. Along with your email, we ask a fun question of the week.

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About Us

Nazareth Protestant Community is part of the Center for Spirituality and is an open and welcoming community made up of students reflecting a variety of religious traditions and backgrounds. We worship weekly, host an annual service trip, enjoy fellowship events together, and seek to serve both our Nazareth and larger community. Come and check us out!