Life in the 1700's

by Christian Donohoe and Ben Rittenhouse


Music was prominent in the 1700's. Many well known musicians came from this time, including people like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Art was also prominent in the 1700's, for example, many beautiful paintings were made.


In the 1700's, there were 2 main styles of art / architecture. These 2 types were Baroque and Rococo. Baroque was a complex style of architecture and the art included huge, beautiful paintings that glorified historic battles and the lives of saints.
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Rococo included elegant, personal styles of art which were used in tapestry furniture. This furniture featured delicate flower petals and other delicate items.
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Peasant Life

The peasants of the 1700's had little and poor quality food and usually owed money to lords so they had to pay in free, grueling physical labor.
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