Monday Minutes

December 17, 2018

Wow! It's the last Monday of the semester! How in the world did the time fly by so quickly? This last week of the semester is going to be a very busy one. You will definitely be ready for a long winter's nap!

Please take note of the following:

We have made a slight adjustment to the final five days before holiday break. Here is what it looks like:

Monday - popcorn

Tuesday - special surprise in your mailbox

Wednesday - cookies from PTA

Thursday - new Bethany attire

Friday - lunch in the library

Before you leave for Winter Break, please make sure your lesson plans for January 8th are ready to go and accessible by your teammates.

If you have any maintenance needs in your area, please generate a list and send it to Dalia.

We will start our day on January 7th in the library at 8:00 am. Please bring a chromebook, something to write on, and something to write with.

Last, but definitely not least, I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all that you have done for our students this semester. Thank you for digging into the curriculum and planning lessons to meet the needs of your students. Thank you for continuing to keep social emotional learning a priority. Thank you for working together as teams to make a difference in the lives of children. I am looking forward to what next semester brings!

Upcoming Events

December 17 -- Bethany All Star Choir School Performance - 8:00 AM

December 19 - Team Leader Meeting, 3:00 PM

December 20 - School spelling bee (4th/5th), 8:00 AM

December 20 - 2nd Nine Weeks Assembly 2:00 PM

December 20 - Retirement reception for Nurse Jill - 4:00 PM

December 21 - Winter Parties 9:30-10:30

December 21 - Early release, report cards go home

January 7 - 1st day back for teachers

January 7 - Education Galaxy Training 8:00 AM, Library

January 8 - First day back for students

January 8 - Student Management Meeting (Wendy out AM)

January 9 - Principal Meeting (Wendy out AM)

January 9 - Edugence/MAP/PES training during teacher planning

January 9 - Staff Meeting

January 10 - SMS Principal and Counselor visit, 1:30 PM

January 10 - Wendy out for training