The History of Robotics

by: Taylor Brazil


I'm going to be talking about robotics in this flyer. Before I can begin with the interesting stuff, like how a robot arm works, first you will need to know some simple definitions.

How a Robot Arm Works

Ok, now that you've got these defenitions down, we can start talking about robotic arms and the terminator and all that other good stuff. So, a robotic arm has six different ways it can move, while a human has seven. Any average Joe on the street would tell you that seven is better than six, and although they may be right in some instances, on this occasion that average Joe would be wrong. but why would they be wrong? Because although a robotic arm doesn't have the same kind of mobility and manuverability, it never gets tired, it always applies the exact same ammount of force to whatever it is that it's doing, and it is much more precise than a human could ever be. Now onto how it does what it does. A robotic arm works by using step motors that are controlled by a computer to move its joints. When a robotic arm is gripping something, it uses pressure sensors to tell if it's gripping something too hard or too light.