Study Skills


Need Studying Skills?

Things that will help you study:

-Flash cards

-a quiet place

-a studying partner

-text books

Things to help you study.

-Create a routine;A routine provides a structure to get things done-like studying!

-Change your location;Maybe outside,your room,the library.

-Keep things that may distract you away while studying.(ex;computers,phones,iPods)

-Keep your study space clean and organized(so you won't lose things you need to study)

-Listen to music

-Try to avoid studying in bed(It may cause you to get sleepy)

-Get a studying partner

Create flash cards to help you study!

1.Write a question on the front of the flash card

2.Write the answer on the back

3.Do this for all things needed to stupid

4.Flip through them and see if you can remember the answers

5.If you can't remember the answers put the card t the side and study more