Domestic violence

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is physical, emotional, sexual, economic, and psychological violence. Domestic violence effects one in every four women and one out of seven men. However, this violence can effect everyone and leave permanent scars on their lives. Most incidents are never reported to the police so it is very important to know the signs and seek help for loved ones if they are being abused.
About the Issue

Domestic violence is usually caused by the need to maintain or get power over another person. Domestic violence can come in many different forms and have different effects.

Signs of domestic violence

Knowing the signs of domestic violence is important. Some signs include jealousy, controlling behavior, quick involvement, unrealistic expectations, isolation, blames other for problems, blames others for feelings, and many more.

"What I See"

This video expresses the perspective of someone who goes through domestic violence and also someone who sees it going on but doesn't realize what's happening. The people on the outside of the relationship see one big happy family but the boy who goes through it sees fear when he looks at his father.

"I would never hurt you"

This short film shows a woman trying to leave her abusive partner. In the end of the film, the woman finally stuck up for herself and escaped from her boyfriend. The message of the film was to stand up for yourself and to speak up to stop the abuse.

A Battle

Each day is a battle
A battle to forget
A battle to forgive
A battle to fight the nightmares
A battle to fight the invisible ghost
A battle to fight to survive
A battle to be happy
A battle to be normal
The battle never ends, it’s a constant war within my head


This poem shows the perspective of someone who has suffered though some form of domestic violence. In this poem, the author explains that the suffering never really ends because the pain and the memories still linger throughout their everyday life. The effects of the traumatic experience, such as the nightmares, the fear, the need to fight for a normal life, never go away and continue to effect the author negatively.