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December 6, 2021

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End of the Semester

An overview of what students and parents can expect during the last week of the first semester has been provided. Along with this Q&A, we have provided the bell schedule for the week of December 13. We have also included a link to our website's End of First Semester page that houses teacher calendars for the remaining two weeks. The teacher calendars will also give students and parents insight into what to expect for each class during the two weeks.

Will Breakfast and Lunch be served on these days? When do buses leave in the afternoon?

Yes, breakfast will be served as normal. All students may pick up a “grab and go” lunch from the cafeteria before getting on their bus or leaving campus. Buses will leave campus shortly after the 12:40 pm dismissal.

What will be happening during these extended class periods?

Activities will vary by teacher and subject. Some teachers will be offering the final 9-week recovery opportunity. Some will be doing a review of the material. Some teachers may be giving a test or having students do project presentations. Some teachers may be teaching current or new material for the next unit. Posted at the link below so that students and parents will know what assignments and work will be accomplished during these days.

Is attendance required on these days?

Yes. Attendance is always required.

What if my teacher is doing remediation or recovery, and I do not need to make anything up? Can I decide not to come to school that day?

No. Attendance is always required.

What if I don’t have anything in my 3rd-period class but know I will be out on Friday for my 7th-period class, can I go to my 7th-period class on Wednesday and do my recovery early?

No. If you know you will not be in attendance for a specific day or class period (because you have completed the pre-approved absence process), you will miss your recovery opportunity. This means ALL recovery opportunities must be completed by the end of your class final period.

If I have a pre-approved absence, can I make up a recovery assignment when we return from winter break?

No. If you miss a recovery opportunity during the final week, you cannot make it up when you return. It is not a new assignment; it is optional.

What if my teacher is giving a test or a new assignment/project on a day that I have a pre-approved absence?

You need to arrange to make up with your teacher when you return. All makeup from the first semester must be completed by the first ten days of the second semester. Grades are due by January 3, so be aware that your report card in January will reflect a zero for the missing work. After the makeup (within the approved time frame), a grade change form must be submitted by your teacher to update your final grade for semester one. If not made up within the first ten days of the second semester, the zero and the semester one grade will remain on your report card and transcript.

Can I submit a pre-approved absence for one or more of these periods/days?

Yes. The form is online and in the attendance office. The form must be accompanied by a note from a parent stating the reason for the absence. All teachers must sign off on the form in order to get the absence excused. Final approval will be made by the administrator. Students who are failing a class will not receive a pre-approved absence. All pre-approved absence forms are due at least three days in advance of the absence. Pre-approved absence forms for Final Week will not be approved or accepted after Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

End of First Semester 2021

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If you have not ordered your Graduation Package, please order it before the deadline of December 17, 2021. The senior Graduation Package includes:

  • Cambridge custom graduation gown
  • Stole with the Cambridge crest insignia
  • Cap and 2022 tassel
  • Diploma and diploma cover
  • Graduation ceremony and rehearsal venue
  • The price of the package is $135.

Our goal is that all senior families order their Graduation Package before the end of the semester, December 17, 2021. Meeting this deadline will allow 3rd Ascent time to ensure all caps and gowns arrive on time. During this time of shipping delays and difficulty in getting materials, it is important that we ensure all orders have been placed by this deadline.

Please know that families in need can reach out to their Guidance Counselor, or our Social Worker, for assistance. If you need help, we ask that you reach out to them today.

Order today here!

Cambridge High School Graduation Committee

Personal Fitness Waiver

Students who meet one of the following criteria have the option to exempt Personal Fitness:

  • GHSA option: Student-athletes who complete two verified sub-varsity (9th or JV) seasons or one Varsity season of a GHSA sport verified by Coach and Athletic Director
  • Marching Band option: Complete a Marching Band season verified by the Band Director.

For more information on the qualifications and how to apply, see the CHS Personal Fitness Exemption page on

This form went live on December 6, 2021, and will close at 11:45 pm on December 17, 2021. If you have already completed a form at the end of previous semesters and were approved, you do not need to apply again.

Course Corrections - 2nd Semester

Student schedule corrections will be accepted for the second semester beginning Tuesday, January 4, 2022, until 4:00 pm, Friday, January 7, 2022. Forms will only be accepted in the Counseling Office during this timeframe. Submitting a request does not guarantee approval. Students must continue to attend and complete all work for their current courses until confirmation of a schedule correction or communication regarding the request is received. Other classes may be changed as a result of the request. Once changed, the schedule will not be changed back.

Corrections will only be made for the following reason(s):

  • A student is scheduled for a class that the student has already earned credit
  • A student has two of the same class on his/her schedule
  • A student has met the prerequisite for a course
  • A student is missing a course required for graduation
  • The student did not request the assigned elective course on his/her schedule
  • A student is missing a lunch period or class period
  • A student would like to level down (i.e., AP World History to World History)

Hard copy forms with both parent/guardian and student signatures are required.

For more information and to access the Schedule Correction Request for the 2nd Semester.

B2 (Advisement) Changes

Beginning December 1, the following opportunities for support will be added to advisement time.

What can B² support be used for?

  • Extended time on tests/quizzes
  • Makeup of work
  • Remediation/help
  • Meet to discuss how to get on track

For more information on the support options available to students through B2.

Career Testing Available in January

ASVAB is an aptitude test that helps students realize their strengths as it relates to post-secondary planning for college, career, vocational training, or military. The hour and a half assessment will be offered to all interested 10th, 11th, and 12th grades students. The assessment will be administered on January 26, 2022, during school hours. Students who register will receive a pass to report to a computer lab and all absences will be excused. Students are responsible for making up any missed work.

To register for the ASVAB

To learn strategies for taking the ASVAB

For more information, please contact Ms. Samiah Garcia at

Dual Enrollment

Students taking dual enrollment classes at Georgia State University-Perimeter Campus, UNG, Gwinnett Tech, Lanier Tech, etc. (any college except Young Harris) need to submit a copy of their spring college class schedule to their counselor as soon as you enroll in classes. We need a copy by Monday, December 13, 2021. Please follow the college's process for registering and abide by their deadlines.

Junior Meetings with Counselors

Currently, and continuing through the beginning of February, counselors will meet with all juniors to review graduation requirements, plan next year's classes, and discuss post-secondary options. Each Junior will schedule one 30-minute meeting with their counselor. Parents/guardians are invited to attend via Teams. A link to the Teams meeting will be sent once the appointment is scheduled.

Juniors and their parents/guardians are asked to view the informational presentation below before the meeting with their counselor. In addition, the following Naviance tasks must be completed by the student before the appointment:

  • Complete SuperMarch college search and save at least three colleges to their Naviance account.
  • Compete the Dual Enrollment survey.
  • Complete the Workforce Development survey.

Information for Juniors: A Guide to the Next Step - video

To schedule your Junior Meeting.

Transcripts and College Applications

If your student has a January 1 to January 5 college application deadline, they should submit their request for transcripts and recommendation letters by December 3, 2021. School is closed from December 18 until January 2 for Winter Break. No request will be processed during that time.

All transcripts for college applications require ten (10) school days to process, including required forms and letters. The counseling department does not process transcripts, forms, and recommendation letters on weekends, after school hours, or school holidays. Please keep this in mind when planning applications and making requests ahead of time to ensure your deadlines are met.

All transcript requests for current students must be placed in Naviance. Seniors must ensure the following items are completed in Naviance when applying to a college.

  • Indicate in Naviance how you are applying to the college - Common App or directly to the college.
  • If using Common App - it is important that the application deadline is correct in Naviance.
    Note: students have indicated that they have a first-semester deadline but Naviance is showing they selected deadlines in the second semester. Deadline dates need to be correct in Naviance to ensure your student's documents arrive at the college to which they are applying on time.
  • Complete the Senior Information Survey located under 'Important Tasks' in Naviance so that transcripts can be processed and letters of recommendations can be sent from the counselors.
  • Complete the FERPA Waiver section in Common App so teachers and counselors can send your documents to colleges.
  • Add colleges to 'Applying List' before requesting an initial transcript.
  • Always ask a teacher before putting their name as a recommender. If a college requires teacher letters, they will ask for one to three, maximum. Please do not request a letter from more than three teachers for one college application.

Seniors and parents/guardians are encouraged to view the resources on requesting transcripts, adding colleges in Naviance, and requesting letters of recommendation from teachers on the Senior Naviance Help page.

Army Recruiter - Lunch & Learn

Juniors and seniors are invited to attend a Lunch and Learn with Staff Sergeant Dalrymple to discover options with the Army after graduation. Lunch will be provided for those who RSVP; space is limited. The Lunch and Learn will be held on Friday, December 10, in the back cafeteria room during all lunches.

RSVP in the Counseling Office or email Ms. Thimsen at

From the Counseling Department

Discover Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College Summer Programs!

Sign up to attend the upcoming virtual information sessions! Learn what makes Carnegie Mellon University’s programs unique and ask questions of the Program Directors. Students can explore the offerings by registering for Pre-College Programs.

Text 4Help

Students experiencing anxiety or stress can receive assistance by anonymously texting BEARS to Text4Help hotline: 1-844-201-9946. Certified mental health professionals are provided by District Social Services partner CHRIS180 and will respond to inquires within three to five minutes. The conversation is completely free, anonymous, and confidential.

if you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225, call 911.

Brick Legacy Pavers - Sponsored by the PTSA

  • Congratulate a graduating senior
  • Commemorate a graduation year
  • Honor accomplishments
  • Recognize business partners
  • Highlight special events
  • Send a message to a student or teacher

Now is your chance to help support the Cambridge front area beautification project while leaving a permanent legacy that will be enjoyed year after year. Personalized brick sales will fund patio/walkway installations that feature the pavers and grounds beautification in the current grass plots in front of the school.

  • Bricks are available in 4x8 ($50) or 8x8 ($100) sizes.
  • Orders will be accepted through December 10.

To order Brick Legacy Pavers.

English Language Textbook Adoption

English Language textbooks are available for public viewing in the Media Center. Visitors must sign in at the Front Office. For more information on the ELA Textbook Adoption.
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Home Connections

Each week students participate in Social and Emotional Skills lessons during B2 (advisement time). Parents/guardians can download resources that are available by grade level to support each week's topic.

Social and Emotional Resources - Home Connections

Cambridge Spiritwear

Cambridge t-shirts are available while supplies last! Cambridge blue and navy. Short sleeves are only $10! Long sleeve for only $15. Order through OSP, and students can bring the paid receipt to the front office to pick up the shirt.

To order


#BeTheBridge with GENEROUS praise to a teacher or staff member who has made a difference in your life or the life of your child. Complete the form below, and we will RESPECTFULLY recognize their hard work and support!


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