Bad Girls Don't Die

by Katie Alender


The Mom, Dad and two girls live together in the same house. Everytime the younger girl would touch the older girl, red marks would appear on the older girl. The older girl went to the other character who was a cheerleader for help. But the older girl, Alexis, did not accept her help. It was discovered that the mom of the cheerlead had the desire to kill her child and later died when someone shot her. The mystery was why the people of this area continued to try and kill their own family. It could be a paranormal phenomenon.

Quotes of importance

~''Suddenly, standing outside all by myself, an easy target for any random maniac, seemed very foolish'' (Alender 2).

~''And i knew exactly what room to report to for saturday detention" ( Alender 10).

Reveiwers quote

''Alexis Warren is a tough, sarcastic loner who is nursing a grudge against the cheerleading team for driving away the only friend she ever had. To deal with her loneliness, she turns to photography and seeks shelter in her dark room. After one peculiar night photographing her 100 year old house, Alexis's sister Kasey begins acting odd.''