Computer and information scientist

Information about computer and information scientist

What is a computer and information scientist

A person in this field conducts research in the field of computers and in formation obviously for example somethings that I would worki on could've updates for Siri or a new phone product. But you have to be smart to have this job because you need a doctoral or professional degree but there's a good chance that you'll get the job because there's currently over 25 thousand of these jobs and its growing scence so many improvements are coming to technology there needs to people to come up with it.

Why you should get this job

If you are into things technical than this job is good for you and with almost $60 per hour

You'll get money for just making technology cool and fun for others. If your interested with how technology works than is is a good job for you but if you aren't interested in this job than there are many other jobs that you can get around this field like a software desveloper or system software designer.

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