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What's UP in Room 203?

I hope you all had a great weekend! This will be a short week filled with excitement for your kids! Remember that we do not have school on Friday - 3 day weekend!

Below are some pictures from our International Week. The first one comes from our International Night Holland table with the Fitzenhagen's. The one below that comes from Sam Choi, our speaker from China. He was amazing and taught the kids a lot about his home country!

Pawsitive Panther: Sienna Arens

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Academic News for the Upcoming Week


Last Thursday we started our new unit of geometry. Students were introduced to different types of lines (parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting) as well as the different types of quadrilaterals and their attributes. I want to spend one more day on this to make sure students fully understand since it was a lot of information in just one lesson. Tuesday we will move onto 3-D shapes. Students will discover that 3-D shapes have length, width, and height. They will also learn about the different attributes (faces, vertices, and edges) of 3-D shapes.

*Some of your students have completed their multiplication quizzes! This means they have passed 1-12 as well as one mixed up quiz! They are officially done! Some kids want the challenge and I am more that happy to give division quizzes or even 2x1 multiplication quizzes in that time.

Keep in mind, students will continue to have math homework to reinforce skills learned in class as well as Daily 6 Review on Thursday nights. We will have multiplication quizzes on Thursday.


Last week we dug deeper into main idea using the strategy of boxes and bullets. I feel very confident about main idea with your kids. We were able to use the stragegy together, with a partner, and on their own.

This week we will focus on cause and effect and how it differs from problem and solution. We will explore the cause and effect relationship using the mentor text A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. Later this week, we will dig into poetry and different elements of poetry. This is something our class has looked at pretty much all year. We will dive into different types of poems (narrative poems, free verse, lyrical, and humorous). This study will continue into next week.

Science/Social Studies

Monday will be dedicated to groups finishing up our International Day website and reading about other Asian countries other 3rd grade classes studied.

Tuesday we will move into science and students will be focusing on matter, more importantly, the ability for matter to sink or float. We will be conducting an experiment with oranges. Students will discover that oranges with peel will float (like a lifejacket) and when you take the peel off they sink. When students place the peel in the water, they will discover that the peel alone will still float!

Below are pictures of our St. Patty's STEM Challenge. Students had to create a penny bridge that was at least 3cm long and at least 3cm wide using only pennies! They were definitely challenged!


The spelling rule for the next two weeks will also be about prefixes (un-, im-, dis-, in-, and -il)

Rule: An affix placed before a word, base, or another prefix to modify a term’s meaning.

Example: unlock, impossible, disagree, incorrect, illegal

Non-negotiables: between, show, feet, began, night

I have added a new list on Spelling City. Students will have 3 activities to complete in the next two weeks. I also added the 5 non-negotiable words to that list so students get a little more exposure to them.

Friday Reader

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A special thank you to Ryan Brown for reading to our lovely students Friday morning!

Class News Reporter: Owen Johnson

Who Will Win?!?

  • MO still too close to call

  • Front-runners: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

  • Marco Rubio drops out after FL loss to Donald Trump.

  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich's win in his home state -- and 66 delegates -- makes Trump's path to the nomination more difficult.

Columbus, Ohio (CNN)Front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominated one of the biggest days of the 2016 presidential race so far. Trump overcame controversy about the violent clashes that have marked his rallies this week and Clinton muted the criticism over her history on trade deals with big wins in Ohio and Illinois over Bernie Sanders.

Important Dates

Spring Field Trip

Tuesday, March 29th, 9am

6911 Lemmon Avenue

Dallas, TX

Students will need a sack lunch.

Parent Chaperones: Buffy McClung and Amy Anderson