All Natural Indicator

A Base-ic way to test PH balance

The Magic Cabbage Indicator

This indicator is made by boiling some red cabbage to make some red cabbage juice. You can tell is the a substance is an acid or base by the color the liquid changes. It is simple and safe to use in the classroom! When an acid is added the juice turns into a red or pink color and when a base is added it turns to a green or blue color.
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Our Indicator is better than other brands because it is all natural and safe. It is also very simple so kids of any age can use it to see the fun that science can be!
"I've bought this before to use with my seventh graders and it was the best indicator choice I could've made. Would recommend to other teachers!" -Mr.Potentia

"Very easy to use and made explaining PH to my students simple!" -Mrs. Hydrogenii

"10/10 product advertisement! Great brand!" -Mrs. Hartmann
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