Becoming an Immigrant

By: Brandon & Gerardo

Where Did Immigrants Come From and When?

In 1815 most immigrants came from Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland. In 1840 most immigrants came from England and Ireland. In 1880 most immigrants came from Italy, Hungary, and Poland.

Pull Factors

Some pull factors were to start a better life, to search for freedom, to get more money, to eat better food.

Push Factors

They wanted to leave there countries to escape poverty.

They where also treated badly and had no jobs or good homes.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island opened in 1892 so that immigrants could enter. A 15 year old girl was the first Ellis Island immigrant. More than 120,000 people were sent back to their homes.


People brought their unique languages, foods, and music. They filled jobs in some factories.

Challeges Immigrants Faced in America

One challenge they faced was looking for jobs. Another challenge they faced was to find a home.