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Week of May 6, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys story selection this week was entitled, How Groundhog's Garden Grew. The comprehension skill we focused on was Story Sequence. We determined the importance of story events being told in sequential order. We also discussed Transition words that help the reader determine the order of the story's events.
  • We completed a Story Sequence craft for How Groundhog's Garden Grew...be sure to check out the photos below.


  • We walked the "Red Carpet" and celebrated our Published Opinion Letters with our 4L Buddies! The children wrote excellent opinion letters persuading the judges to vote for the book's designated award.


  • During Math, we learned about arrays. We learned to play a new game called concentration array.
  • We had a special guest teacher join us during math ~ Mr. Bissinger. He worked with small groups completing Array Story Problem riddles.


  • As scientists, we experimented with water and each of the three soils: humus, sand, and clay. We put each of the three soils in their own test tube. Then, we added water into each test tube and capped them. "Shake, shake, shake!" We shook the test tubes for 1-2 minutes and then observed the mixtures. We documented our observations as well.
  • Our caterpillars are growing! We observed the differences in our caterpillars that were only 2 cm last week and are now about 1 inch long. We also observed head capsules in their cups and noticed some of the food has been eaten.

Other Activities

  • We voted for the "cutest" dog during lunch.
  • Fruity Friday was a huge success! Our entire class had fruit for morning snack!
  • We made a Mother's day craft...we hope you are surprised and that you use the coupons!

Math Centers ~ Special Guest Teacher: Mr. Bissinger

Reading ~ How Groundhog's Garden Grew Story Sequence Craft

Daily 5 ~ Typing Comprehension Questions About "What's the Matter with Herbie Jones"

Science ~ Mixing Humus, Sand, & Clay with Water

Buddy Reading ~ Using Pausation

Celebrating Our Published Opinion Letters with Our 4L Buddies

Fruity Fun Friday

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"Here's the Scoop" by 2MU Reporters

Cucumber seed science

This week in school we were learning about clay, sand and hummus. You might think hummus is the thing you eat but it is not it is basically dirt . First we got each a test tube with no cap on and put a cotton ball on the bottom then each table got either clay, sand, or humus. Table 1 got sand, table 2 got humus, my table table 3 got clay, and table 4 got to choose what they want, then we poured what we got in the testing tube and then put 3 cucumber seeds in each test tube then we put a little more clay, sand, or hummus over the seeds and watered it. The whole idea is to see what the cucumbers grow faster in this project was awesome!!!!

By: Rafael Lytle

Star Student of the Week

By: Jaxon

Eustace was star student of the week! His favorite song was Fireball by Pit Bull. Eustace shared his special something and it was his guitar. His favorite book was Penguin Comics. His favorite food is pizza and hamburgers.


In Science we did two really cool things. They were awesome so one of the things is that we planted cucumber seeds and we did it in a tube and we even got to plant three of them and we tried to plant them in either clay, sand, or humus and we also did another thing with tubes so we put clay, sand, and hummus in the tubes but they had to be separate. So after we put some of the sand, humus, and clay in the tubes and then put each got to shake for ten seconds there was water in them so it got really nasty and we also did them in separate days so it could be easier.

By: Michael M.


By Lauren

In writing we finally had the red carpet ceremony! We walked the red carpet with our buddies and held our opinion high in the air. After that we had a good treat and it was…POPCORN! We talked to our buddies about things but the saddest part of the day was leaving 4L. The red carpet writing ceremony was the best!

Cucumber Seeds

In this week of school we planted cucumber seeds in humus, clay, and sand.

We put water on the top and bottom.

In a week or so we will look at them and see what it look like then.

We're going to see which one of the humus, clay, and sand plants the cucumber seeds.

We also put them in tubes and we all had 3 seeds.

By: Jayden


By: Dominic

This week in school we checked on the caterpillars and the caterpillars they grew a lot they were climbing everywhere on the walls and even on the ROOF it looked like an another centimeter and it wasn't just black but now it is purple, yellow, blue, and a bit of green and you could see webs in the cup.

Star of the week

By: Daniel

This week in school Eustace was star of the week

First he brought in his poster. Then he brings in his special something.

Next we play his favorite song. Last we meet his special guests who are his family and uncles and grandpas etc. etc. etc.

Eustace’s favorite song is Fireball by: Pitbull.


This week in school we saw are caterpillars they ate a lot of food because they got really big and fat.Some of them started there cocon and some hung on the ceiling.We had to put paper at the top because then they couldn’t climb on the ceiling and we also had to put holes in the lid so they can breath.

By: Blake MacMillan

Groundhog’s Garden

This week we read How Groundhog’s Garden Grew.

After we read How Groundhog’s Garden Grew

we planted Cucumber seeds are selfs.

But we turned it into a science experiment.

Can't wait to see them grow!

By: Abby

Star Student of the Week~ Eustace Wolfington

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