Important Information As We Look Forward To The Next Few Weeks of May

*IF YOU THOUGHT THE CRAWFISH LAST WEEK WAS PHENOMENAL, WHY NOT HAVE IT AGAIN THIS WEEK? Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our final SPES Spirit Night and what better way to wrap up the year of PTO-sponsored restaurant nights than at our friends', The Wilkerson's, La. Crawfish Time where you get the best boiled crawfish in town?
Our end of the year Teacher Appreciation luncheon will be held in the Parish Life Center on Thursday May 14, 2015. The faculty and staff look forward to our wonderful luncheons and appreciate your generosity. Our PreK4 through 3rd grade parents are asked to sign up to bring food items, help set up and help serve. Please sign up to help in any way you think you can help by visiting: https://www.timetosignup.com/spes2014/sheet/37411
All balances for SPES Tuition/Fees and Dining Hall must be cleared by May 15th. Tuition/fees balances can be paid at anytime through your FACTS account online. Dining Hall balances can be paid anytime online through your Food and Nutrition Services account or by check to Food and Nutrition Services. Final dining hall statements were sent home last Wednesday, 4/29.
*SIGN UP TIME FOR ALTAR SERVERS: Any boy or girl who will be 12 years of age and in 6th grade, as well as any student older than that is eligible to become a St. Pius X Altar Server. If your child is interested, please call Barbara Abshire at the Parish Office to sign up - 232-4656. Have you ever stopped to notice how many of our SPES students are altar servers? How awesome is that?
*MEDICAL ID ALERTS: Permission forms for 2015-2016 medical alerts on ID's are due to Jennifer Abadie, SPES Nurse, no lagter than May 15th.
*ST. PIUS X VACATION BIBLE CAMP: "Set Sail With The Holy Trinity" June 15-19, from 8:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon To register: http://www.stpiusxchurch.net/vacation-bible-camp