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A-Absolute uses electronically powered mechanical drain equipment (cables), and a wide array of cutter blades and attachments. These blades and attachments vary in size and design, allowing the flexibility necessary to dislodge almost any blockage. Two of the most common usages of Rootering (or snaking) are roots and clogs.

Roots growing into a pipe or joint will clog and eventually damage the pipe. Interval cleaning with cable machine and special blades may extend the life of a drain line.

Clogs are most often caused by grease, improper disposal of items or abuse, construction debris, scale, offset joints, and age. These clogs can be “snaked’ using an electric mechanical cable machine with appropriate cutters and blades which clear the snaked line clearing the clog.

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Regular drain cleaning and maintenance is must in every building because drain systems have frequent clogging tendencies, not only due to grime and food, but also from sediment in the pipes and even tree roots. A-Absolute provides a full line of sewer and drain cleaning services for both homeowners and commercial properties. From clearing sink and wastewater, drain lines to main waste lines. We’ll get your sewers and drains flowing freely.