What Is Movement?

What Is Movement?

There is movement in football, soccer, dance, walking, even running,however, did you know there is movement in art?Movement, a principle of art, is the use of an element of art (form, shape, line etc.) to show and express the feeling of motion and to guide the viewer’s eyes throughout the artwork.


Movement in art will give the viewers attention using art techniques like brush strokes, dark lines, bright lines, or showing motion with objects, animals, or even people. Famous painters like Edvard Munch or Vincent van Gogh have used these techniques and one prominent painting is "The Starry Night" due to its wide variety of techniques to show movement art.

Observations,Perspectives and Feelings

Why does it Affect our Perspectives, Observations and Feeling?

There many ways movement in art could effect our perspectives, point-of-view, and feelings. For example if you observe the picture in the background, you will finally come to a conclusion that this background shows movement. This is because although the picture is really, the photographer has used computer animations and dynamics to create blurred lines that show movement. Motion in art can effect a person's perspective and feelings due to the meaning. For example, if the painting shows a roller coaster in motion, the viewer will probably feel pretty energetic and excited. It is a complex task to show sadness and sorrow using movement because most of the time, movement is energetic and gives a sense of joy. However, some painters use a little movement in their paintings to show like river flow or wind.
The Art of Seeing Art: Movement